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MRIA rental listing form

Please submit your ads by using the ONLINE FORM
or by email to the rentals coordinator.

Your listing will be posted in 5 days or sooner
Once payment verified or check received

Please read all instructions below.

Using this listing service denotes your agreement to pay the listing fee. 


CLICK HERE to use the ONLINE FORM.. You can pay by PayPal, Credit Card or mail in a check.

OR CLICK HERE to download a word document. Fill in your info and email it to the rentals coordinator. Please put RENTAL LISTING in the subject line. You can only make payment by mailing in a check.

Please read the complete instructions for posting.
> Identify the property address with the street name & number and unit number. 
> Landlord / Contact Person must be a full name
> If your vacancy is in a neighborhood adjacent to Bolton Hill, make this clear. 
> To update your listing, email the rentals coordinator. There is no charge for updates.
> The listing will be displayed until we are notified that the property has been rented or until 30 days from the listing date have passed, whichever is first. Email your notification to the rentals coordinator.

The listing fee is 5% of the monthly rental amount (10% for non-MRIA members), due within 48 hours of posting. If not paid within 48 hours, the listing is subject to immediate removal. An additional fee of 5% (totaling 10% of the monthly rental amount; 15% for non-MRIA members) is added for payments more than 30 days late. Those who do not pay are barred from posting until all past due fees are paid.

Using this listing service denotes your agreement to pay the listing fee. 

To pay by check, make payable to MRIA and please forward payment to:
Barry Blumberg,
MRIA Treasurer
1329 Bolton St. 
Baltimore, MD 21217

Note on your check the exact property address, unit number, and contact name as displayed on your listing.

Thank you for using the MRIA Rental Listing Service. Your payments help continue and expand MRIA's services to the community.

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