Here is a master list-in-progress of people with a significant connection to an area of Baltimore City that stretches roughly from Mt. Royal Ave. west to Eutaw Pl. and from Dolphin up to Druid Hill Park. Between the Civil War and World War I this area attracted a lively group of people to work and live. Groups such as Quakers, Jews, and Southerners (who were finding a new home after the Civil War), gave a specialness. Also here lived professors and physicians from the new Johns Hopkins University and Hospital, who were making discoveries of international importance.

The 20th century brought in many artists, educators, journalists, and writers, who created their own claims to attention--often nationally. Twenty-five high achievers on this list will be honored with London-style blue plaques to be attached to buildings associated with them. Asterisks by the plaque addresses indicate eminence in a field, in cultural and intellectual life, or in history. All of the plaque honorees have an importance beyond this area. Current owners, of course, may decline plaques on homes.

The following list--corrected and improved--will appear with a map on the web and in print. Along with names and addresses, there will be life dates and fuller identification than those given here. When this list is distributed, people who don't live here may want to see the place and visit. For the present, please send suggestions and corrections to Frank Shivers.

If you approve of this project and want to help underwrite its cost, please fill in the attached card and send your tax-deductible gift to the Mid-Town address. The cost per plaque will be $275. Money also will pay for the printed map and published list. Through publication of this list and the placing of blue plaques, we expect neighbors to be well informed about our district and also to feel proud of such distinguished company.

[note: JHU means connected with Johns Hopkins University or Hospital; * indicates a possible plaque]

Dr. John J. Abel - JHU. America's greatest early pharmacologist noted for discoveries with adrenelin and insulin; first pharmacology department head; * 1604 Bolton St.

Cyrus Adler - JHU. Professor, Semitic scholar; later, president of Jewish Theological Seminary; 1600 Linden Ave.

Gen. Felix Agnus - French-born Union general; owner of The American and The Star; 1813 Eutaw PI.

Holmes Alexander - author; columnist; 214 W. Lanvale St.

Florence Hochschild Austrian - artist; 1417 Eutaw Pl.

Louis Azrael and Sara Lamport Azrael - journalists; 1310 John St.

Russell Baker - Pulitzer Prize columnist and writer (Growing Up); 1501 Park Ave.

Henry Berge - sculptor; 217 W. Lanvale St.

Dr. Henry Johns Berkley - JHU. psychiatrist; 1305 Park Ave,

Wilson J. Binebrink  -portraitist; 231 W. Lanvale St.

Van Lear Black -Major shareholder of the Baltimore Sun; 1205 Eutaw Pl. Hugh Lennox Bond - A stalwart for Lincoln and African-Americans; "The curse of the KKK" as Circuit Court judge in the Reconstruction South; earlier, a Union recruiter of Negro troops; * 225 W. Lanvale St.

James W. Bright - JHU. philologist; president of Modern Language Association; 1110 Bolton St. 

Nathaniel Covington Brooks - poet; head of first college for women in Maryland; 1530 Park Ave.

William K. Brooks - JHU. Professor of zoology; Director of the Chesapeake Zoological Laboratory and authority on oysters; 1216 Mt. Royal Ave.

James M. Cain An innovator of hard-boiled fiction with The Postman Always Rings Twice and other novels that became popular as movies;* 2418 Linden Ave.

Huntington Cairns - A major player in developing the National Gallery of Art; the U.S. official censor judging imported books and films; moderator of radio's "Invitation to Learning"; editor of Plato and of H.L. Mencken;* 1813 Bolton St.

Bernard Carter - One of "Baltimore's Seven Great Lawyers" (19th century); a leading political reformer against corrupt judges in 1880; City Council; Provost, University of Maryland; 1212 Eutaw Pl.

Charles E. Cassell -Architect of this, his home, of The Stafford, Greek Orthodox Cathedral, and Stewart's Department Store; earlier, Confederate army captain; 1407 Park Ave.

Whittaker Chambers - Key witness before Congressman Richard Nixon at the beginning of Senator Joseph McCarthy's Cold War hunt for subversives; accuser of Alger Hiss; Soviet spy; defector from the Communist Party while living at this address in April 1838; * 2124 Mt. Royal Terrace

Dr. Alan Mason Chesney - JHU. Medical School dean; its historian; 1419 Eutaw Pl. 

Elliott Coleman - JHU. poet; founder and long-time director of the Writing Seminar; 1819 Park Ave.

Dr. Claribel Cone and Etta Cone - internationally known art collectors and early patrons of Picasso and Matisse and other Moderns; benefactors of Baltimore Museum of Art;* 1711 Eutaw Pl.

Roger Williams Cull - political reformer; promoter of the Australian [secret] ballot; 1415 Park Ave.

The Rev. William Meade Dame - "The Bishop of Bolton Street" when rector of Memorial Episcopal Church for 40 years; earlier, drummer boy with the Confederate army; 1409 Bolton St.

Laura Lee Davidson - writer; 1608 Bolton St.

Israel Dorman - host of H.L. Mencken's Saturday Night Club here; Peabody Conservatory violin teacher, who, it is reported, played his rare Guarnerius violin in Settlement Houses; 1714 Eutaw Pl.

Jacob Epstein -- from Lithuanian peddler to 'Prince of Trade' (as innovative wholesaler, the first with set prices, and major supplier to Southern retailers ); inaugurator of matching grants in philanthropy; donor of Rodin and Barye works and Old Masters to the new Baltimore Museum of Art; * 1729 Park Ave.

Dr. J.M.T. Finney - JHU. a leading surgeon; World War I medalist for work with the AEF; 1300 Eutaw Pl.

D.K. Este Fisher, McLane Fisher.  Brother Architects 1301 Park Ave.

F. Scott Fitzgerald - Novelist who published his classic novel Tender Is the Night while living here and also endured what he wrote about as "The Crack Up, a low point of morale";* 1307 Park Ave.

Leon Fleisher - pianist and conductor; 1723 Park Ave. 

Hulbert Footner - writer; 218 W. Lanvale St.

Virgil Keel Fox - organist; Brown Memorial Presbyterian Church

Eli Frank - JHU trustee; judge on the Supreme Bench; professor, University of Maryland School of Law; 1407 Eutaw Pl.

Fabian Franklin - JHU. Hungarian-born professor of mathematics; editor of Baltimore News and New York Post; 1400 Linden Ave.

Frank Frick - arts patron and leader in creating the Lyric Opera House; 1514 Park Ave.

Dr. Harry Friedenwald - early Zionist leader and collaborator with Henrietta Szold; creator of the Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Hospital next door at 1214; 1212 Eutaw Pl.

Dr. Jonas Friedenwald JHU. - leading ophthalmic pathologist; pioneer in treating glaucoma; 1212 Eutaw Pl.

Francis M. Froelicher - headmaster of Fountain Valley School, Colorade Springs; 239 W. Lafayette Ave.

Hans Froelicher Jr. - Quaker headmaster of Park School; founder of Citizens Planning and Housing Association; co-founder of Strawberry Hill Nature Center, Adams County, Pennsylvania; 1402 Bolton St.

Gen. James Gary - President McKinley's Postmaster General; 1201 Linden Ave


Daniel Coit Gilman - JHU. The raiser of standards in American graduate education; first president of Johns Hopkins University; first director of Johns Hopkins Hospital;* 1300 Eutaw Pl.

Col. Harry Gilmor - Baltimorean who as a Confederate cavalry officer led raids through Baltimore County; after the Civil War, Baltimore City police commissioner; 150 W. Lanvale St.

Jackson C. Gott - architect of Maryland Penitentiary and of structures at Western Maryland College; The Bristol apartments, Eutaw Pl. and McMechen St. (where he died)

Benjamin Howell Griswold Jr. - JHU. trustee active in founding the engineering school and in moving the university from Howard St. to Homewood; senior officer at Alex Brown; 1433 Park Ave.

G. Stanley Hall - JHU. founder of the first American psychology laboratory and journal; professor of psychology; later, first president of Clark University; where he brought Freud and Jung; 1526 Eutaw Pl.

Dr. William Stewart Halsted - JHU. "Father of American surgery"; one of the "Big Four" founders of clinical services; innovator in surgery (e.g. use of rubber gloves; "new methods in operations for goitre, cancer of the breast and gall-bladder infections"{French's history of Johns Hopkins University]);* 1201 Eutaw Pl.

Dr. Alice Hamilton, JHU. founder of industrial hygiene; first female professor at Harvard; Edith, classicist and author [The Greek Wavl; Margaret, headmistress of Bryn Mawr School;* 1312 Park Ave.

Edward H. Hanlon - one of baseball's greatest managers; 1401 Mt. Royal Ave.

Alger Hiss - secretary of San Francisco conference where the United Nations was organized in 1945; later, at the height of the Communist scare, the accused in a controversial espionage case of aiding the Soviet (convicted of perjury); 1427 Linden Ave.

Barbara Holdridge - co-founder of Caedmon Records and founder of Stemmer House publishers; codiscoverer of, and researcher on, 19th century folk artist Ammi Phillips; 117 W. Lanvale St. 

Jacob H. Hollander - JHU. Treasurer of Puerto Rico; professor of political economy; 1802 Eutaw Pl.

Dr. John Eager Howard - JHU professor of Medicine; Passano Award; 157 W. Lanvale St.

Dr. William H. Howell - JHU Creator of Department of Physiology; Dean of the Medical School; shaper as first Director of the School of Public Health and Hygiene; devisor of "useful means of controlling the heart beat and the clotting of blood" {French's history of the university];* 232 W. Lanvale St. A.

Roger Howell - Dean of University of Maryland School of Law; 232 W. Lanvale St.

Janet Howell Clark - Headmistress of Bryn Mawr School; Dean, University of Rochester; 232 W. Lanvale St. 

Richard Hubbard Howland - JHU Organizer and head of the history of art department; president, National Trust for Historic Preservation; chair of Civil History, Smithsonian; 209 W. Lanvale St. 

Albert D. Hutzler - merchant; JHU trustee; 1801 Eutaw Pl. 

William Ingle - banker; contributor to creation of the Federal Reserve System; first chair of the board and federal reserve agent of the Fifth [Richmond] district that includes Baltimore; 1710 Park Ave.

Lillie Carroll Jackson - civil rights leader in Baltimore's desegregation; for 35 years head of this city's NAACP chapter (largest in America); 1320 Eutaw PI. (plaqued already) 

Edith Johns - JHU Baltimore beauty of 1890 pictured in Shriver Hall mural ; later, her Cylburn, country estate, became a city park and arboretum; 218 W. Lanvale St. 

Dr. Howard Jones and his wife Dr. Georgeanna Seegar-Jones, JHU. pioneers in in vitro fertilization; 1325 and 1420 Eutaw Pl.

Gerald W. Johnson --"Disturber of the peace"; eloquent voice for America's adversary culture as journalist (the Baltimore Evening Sun) and author of 40 popular books on American history and politics]; television commentator; * 1310 Bolton St. and 217 Bolton Pl.

Amy Kelly ( ) author [ELEANOR OF AQUITAINE]; headmistress of Bryn Mawr School; Wellesley College English professor; 1212 John St.

Dr. Howard A. Kelly - JHU. "Wizard of the operating room"; pioneering gynecologist; one of the Medical School's "Big Four" founders of clinical services; early user of radium to treat cancer;* 1406 Eutaw Pl.

Thomas Kensett Jr. - son of the "Father of American Canning," who first packed hermetically sealed food and first put food in cans, not glass (1825). His son began canning oysters in Baltimore in 1849 and next helped develop the packing of fruits, peas, and corn and thus led the way to Baltimore's becoming "the canning capital of the world"; 1700 Eutaw Pl.

Reuben Kramer - artist; 121 Mosher St.

Otto F. Kraushaar - president of Goucher College - 1606 Park Ave.

Frederick Arnold Kummer - author of plays and films - 224 Lafayette Ave. and 1501 Park Ave.

Sidney Lanier -: ex-Confederate POW who found Baltimore congenial for teaching inn this house, for playing flute in the Peabody Orchestra, and for writing exquisite verse;* 1402 Eutaw Pl.

Bishop James Allen Latan - presiding bishop of the Reformed Episcopal Church - 1412 Park Ave.

John Hollyday Latan - JHU. founder of Walter Hines Page School of International Relations and history department head; The Cecil, 1123 Eutaw PI.

Minnie Rachel Lazarus -designer; a founder of the Baltimore Arts and Crafts Society; faculty member of University of Miami (Florida); 1504 Park Ave.and 1214 John St.

Dr. Jesse Lazear - member of Dr. Walter Reed's Yellow Fever Commission who, by dying from a bite of a mosquito infected with yellow fever bacillus, proved the cause of yellow fever;* 127 W. Lanvale St.

Eugene Levering - JHU. trustee; donor of Levering Hall (first on the downtown campus and then at Homewood; 1308 Eutaw Pl.

Joshua Levering - co-owner with his twin Eugene of part of 1880s "Coffee Fleet" and warehouse at 1400 Thames St.; unsuccessful candidate of Prohibition Party for governor and U. S. president; 1316 Eutaw Pl.

Lester Levy - pioneer in American musicology; donor of over 30,00 examples of sheet music to Hohns Hopkins University," a vital cultural archive" (Professor Richard Macksey); president of his family's straw hat manufacturing company, the largest in this straw hat capital; 2352 Eutaw Pl.

Ben Lyon - Hollywood leading man; discoverer of Jean Harlow, who played opposite him in "Hell's Angels"; later, as a movie executive, he named Marilyn Monroe; 1209 Linden Ave.

Dr. Franklin Mall: JHU. pioneer in embryology; first Professor of Anatomy; a major shaper of the Medical School, especially in establishing full-time status;* 1514 Bolton St.

William Manchester - prize-winning biographer; 1411 Eutaw Pl. William L. Marbury Sr. - U.S. Attorney General for Maryland; political reformer - 159 W. Lanvale St.

William L. Marbury Jr. - member of the Harvard's governing body of six for 22 years - 159 W. Lanvale St.

Col. Charles Marshall : Gen. Robert E. Lee's military secretary at Appomattox; one of Baltimore's "Seven Great Lawyers"; political reformer;* - 213 W. Lanvale St.

John McGrath - artist; head of The Charcoal Club - 1312 Eutaw Pl. (stable).

Watson T. McGuinn : African_American working his way through Yale Law School discovered by Mark Twain, who then paid his fees; Baltimore attorney; City Council member; mentor of Thurgood Marshall; 525 McMechen St.

Ottmar Mergenthaler - inventor of the linotype that revolutionized printing; 159 W. Lanvale St. (already placqued by CHAP)

Ann Sewall Van Ness Merriam - author; 1404 Bolton St.

Dorothy Miner - art historian; Walters Art Gallery curator, author; 207 W. Lanvale St.

Garry Moore [born Thomas Garrison Morfit] - entertainer;* 221 W. Lafayette Ave.

Morley brothers - Quaker sons of English immigrants, Rhodes Scholars and internationally known writers and editors: Christopher, novelist (Kitty Foyle); Felix, Pulitzer Prize Washington Post editor and president of Haverford College; Frank, author and publisher in England; * 2026 Park Ave. 

Francis Morton- first director of Citizens' Planning and Housing Association; founder of Strawberry Hill Nature Conservancy, Adams County, Pennsylvania; 1402 Bolton St.

Charlotte Noland - founding head of Foxcroft School, Middleburgh, Virginia; 1409 Linden Ave.

Sydney Nyburg - author; 2414 Linden Ave. 

Dr. William Nyhen - JHU. medical researcher; 1421 Eutaw Pl.

Sidney Offit - author `Memoirs of a Bookie's Son]; professor, the New School, New York; 2204 Park Ave.

 Thomas O'Neil - merchant; donor of the Cathedral of Mary our Queen 1731 Park Ave.

Dr. Frank Oski - JHU. head of pediatrics; 1610 Park Ave.

John Whitefield Owens - Pulitzer Prize winning editor, the Baltimore Sun; 1210 Bolton St.

Katherine Dunne Pagon - artist; 1431 Bolton St. 

Six sons of Mr. & Mrs. John Prentiss Poe - football legends at Princeton; 1500 Park Ave.

Sarah N. Randolph - leading educator of women; founder of Miss Randolph's School for Young Ladies in this building; earlier, head of Patapsco Heights School, Ellicott City [now a stabilized ruin];Thomas Jefferson's great grand daughter; author of The Domestic Life of Thomas Jefferson (1871); 1214 Eutaw Pl.

Isidor Raynor - The first Jewish U.S. Senator from Maryland ("The blank page between the Old Testament and the New" (Severn Teackle Wallis]; 1412 Eutaw Pl.

Lizette Woodworth Reese - poet and memoirist; English teacher at Western High School, for which this building was designed ["Alfred Mason]; W. Lafayette Ave. at McCullough St.

Stanislav Remski - portrait painter; 1404 Park Ave.

Curt Richter - JHU. nationally recognized psychobiologist, who discovered the biological clock that affects how mind and body interact; a researcher in World War II enlisting neighbors to kill rats with an experimental chemical being tested in case the enemy used rats in biological attacks;* 221 w. Lafayette Ave.

Archibald Rogers - A founder of RTKL, an international architecture firm; president of American Institute of Architects; first executive director, Greater Baltimore Committee, who killed planners' routing I-95 through Federal Hill, Fells Point and Canton and bridging the Inner Harbor; 119 W. Lanvale St.

Louis Rukeyser - creator and host of PBS's "Wall Street Week"; 1224 Bolton St.

Dr. Florence Reba Sabin - JHU. "The Mme. Curie of America" as pioneering medical researcher and histologist; first woman professor at Hopkins; later, first woman professor and department head, Rockefeller Institute; one of two Colorado representatives in U.S. Capitol's Statuary Hall;* 1431 and 1325 Park Ave.

Paul Sarbanes -- current senior U.S. Senator from Maryland; 1708 Bolton St. 

Dr. Richard Shackleford - JHU. surgeon; one of many textbook authors by this faculty; 1307 Park Ave.

Karl Shapiro - Pulitzer Prize poet; editor of poetry magazines; 930 Brooks Lane 

Arthur W. Sherwood - founder and director of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation; leader in creation of Cromwell Valley Park, Baltimore County; 1310 Rutter St.

Susan Dabney Smedes - journalist,; author, Memorials of a Southern Planter (1887); 1303 John St.

Beverly Waugh Smith Jr. - Rhodes Scholar, foreign correspondent, New York Herald Tribune; editor of American Magazine and then of The Saturday Evening Post; 132 W. Lanvale St.

Walter Sondheim Jr. - department store executive; civic leader; C.E.O. Charles Center-Inner Harbor; 1631 Bolton St. and Bolton Pl.

William Force Stead - poet in Oxford Book of Modern Verse; discoverer, editor and publisher of Christopher Smart's poem "Rejoice in the Lamb" (set to music by Benjamin Britten); chaplain, Worcester College, Oxford; 232 W. Lanvale St. 

Dr. Ernest Stebbins - JHU. unsung hero of public health who was in on creating the World Health Organization; dean of the School of Hygiene and Public Health for almost 40 years; developer of numerous programs in public health and health care administration, in population dynamics, and in international health;* 201 W. Lanvale St.

Gertrude Stein - major international influence in the arts as experimental writer and promoter of modern art;* 2408 Linden Ave.

Bernard Christian Steiner - second and long-time head of the Enoch Pratt Free Library; creator of 20 branch libraries; author and scholar of Maryland history; 1631 Eutaw Pl.

William Edwards Stevenson - Rhodes Scholar; Olympic Gold Medalist; president of Oberlin College, U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines; president of the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies;* 1314 Park Ave.

Marie Letitia Stockett - English teacher; author; 1430 Linden Ave.

Dr. William Sydney Thayer - JHU. successor to Dr. William Osler as Professor of Medicine; president of the American Medical Association; decorated here and abroad for work as Chief Consultant to Medical Services in the AEF; * 1208 Eutaw Pl.

Dr. Lewis Thomas - JHU. "An American Montaigne" as literary voice for medicine and biology; National Book Award essayist for The Lives of a Cell: C.E.O., Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center;* 1819 Park Ave.

Martha Carey Thomas - Quaker pioneer in education; prominent feminist; founder of Bryn Mawr School; president of Bryn Mawr College; 1228 Madison Ave.

Francese Hubbard Litchfield Turnbull - founder of the Woman's Literary Club of Baltimore (1890) and (with her husband) of Percy Turnbull Memorial Lectureship in Poetry in Johns Hopkins University; novelist; 1530 Park Ave.

Grace Hill Turnbull - sculptor; 1530 Park Ave.

Jacob Ulman - a founder of Maryland Hunt Cup; 1418 Park Ave.

Edwin Warfield - Maryland governor, 1904-1908; 1223 Linden Ave. Edward Lucas White - teacher; novelist; 1311 Mt. Royal Ave.

John Boswell Whitehead - JHU. first dean of the School of Engineering; Edison medalist; 1527 Bolton St. 

James Gustavson Whiteley - consul general for Belgium; 223 W. Lanvale St.

Major Ezra Whitman - chief engineer of Baltimore Water Department in charge of constructing Conowingo Dam, Loch Raven Dam, Montebello Filtration Plant, and the original Back River sewerage plant; 139 W. Lanvale St.

Woodrow Wilson - JHU. a Ph.D. student, a vital first step toward his becoming president of Princeton University, governor of New Jersey, and president of the United States;* 1210 Eutaw Pl.