Introduction to Guidelines
Procedures for Obtaining a Notice
      General Considerations
       Masonry and Masonry Cleaning
    Distinguishing Features and Styl
    Frame Buildings
    Elements Which Are Most Commonly Repaired or Replaced
           Windows and Doors
           Storm Windows 
           Entrances, Porches and Steps 
Stairways and Fire Escape    
Architectural Metals
Walls, Fences and Railings 
           Commercial Signs
    Structural Systems
    Mechanical Services
    New Construction
    Building Site and Environment
    Archeological Features
    Tax Advantages and Preservation Assistance 
     (Loans and Grants)



A building permit application is required before any proposed exterior work proceeds on an historic property. The application is filled out at the Plans Examining and Permit Section of the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD), which forwards a copy of the application to CHAP. (The Permit Section office is located in Room 100, 417 E. Fayette Street, Phone: 396-3361). The applicant can then contact CHAP (Phone: 396-4866) to schedule a public hearing review, or upon receipt of the application the CHAP office will contact the property owner. A public hearing will be arranged at which CHAP review the proposed plans. After approval the CHAP office will issue a "Notice to Proceed" to the applicant and send a copy to the Permit Section of HCD, which will then issue the building permit. "Noticd to Proceed" is not a building permit.  The building permit is obtained from HCD.

Where zoning variances are required, the "Zoning" section of the building permit application must be approved prior to the CHAP hearing. CHAP public hearings are held on alternating Friday afternoons (every two weeks) in 417 E. Fayette Street. .At the scheduled hearing the applicant must present sketches, plans, photographs, and sample materials which illustrate the type of work to be done.

Any person aggrieved by the Commission's decision may appeal to the Baltimore City Court, in accordance with the procedures in the CHAP ordinance.